Tips on Connecting to Passed Loved Ones

On Sunday, February 17th, through a series of practical methods, MatinatheMedium helped and guided many people on how to receive signs. Matina had guests bring something that belonged to their passed loved one. Also for practice, they brought a photo

Messages from Heaven – Nov 2018

Diane and I linked many spirits to their loved ones in the audience. This was a first for both of us, to do linking. Linking is when one medium connects with a past loved one

Afterlife Conference – September 2018

This was a workshop bringing together professionals to discuss the aspects of the afterlife. These individuals came from all over the U.S to share their wisdom and experiences. I personally met two people that I’ve

Mediumship Retreat – April 2018

Attended this retreat in Panama City, Florida with Lindsay and 9 other students where we connected face to face, did exercises which involved us bringing our childhood pictures and having them read. The other picture