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Tips on Connecting to Passed Loved Ones

On Sunday, February 17, 2019, I gave a workshop at the Silver Lining with 30 people.  The workshop was geared to helping students to connect to their loved ones through a series of exercise using the different “Clairs”. Each participant

Messages from Heaven – Nov 2018

Diane and I linked many spirits to their loved ones in the audience. This was a first for both of us, to do linking. Linking is when one medium connects with a past loved one

Afterlife Conference – September 2018

This was a workshop bringing together professionals to discuss the aspects of the afterlife. These individuals came from all over the U.S to share their wisdom and experiences. I personally met two people that I’ve

Mediumship Retreat – April 2018

Attended this retreat in Panama City, Florida with Lindsay and 9 other students where we connected face to face, did exercises which involved us bringing our childhood pictures and having them read. The other picture